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 About Spice & Co – Behind the Brand!

 Spice & Co was established in 2009 by Stacey Casford & Mike Tafe. Born from a passion for all things spice related Stacey drew on over 20 years sales and marketing experience while Mike drew on more than 30 years’ experience as a Chef Internationally & locally with a passion for both the therapeutic and culinary uses of herbs and spices. Mike oversees the production of all Spice & Co spice mixes and rubs from recipes he has created and developed over the course of his career (as well as new product development). Both Stacey and Mikes combined vision was to create a brand with integrity that that was readily accessible as a daily 'quality commodity' and “smacked” of freshness and flavour!

 What does “Pure” Herbs & Spices mean?   Are your spices gluten free ?

 Our definition of pure is very simple! Spice & Co Herbs & Spices whether individual seeds, pods, leaves, ground herbs/spices or spice rubs/mixes do not have anything artificial or alien added to them. No artificial colours. No artificial flavours. No MSG. No anti-caking agents. No fillers or extenders to bulk out the products such as cereals, wheat flour or rice flour. No MSG................…Just spices !

Dried herbs and Spices are inherently GF due to their nature.  The Gluten is generally introduced as fillers, anti-caking agents or bulking agents into spice mixes.  We don’t add anything as clearly noted beyond spices (ie. To create our spice mixes), so Spice & Co is a pure spice only product mix.

  Our herbs and spices are all tested here in Australia for the presence of gluten in a HACCP & ISO certified facility.

In terms of production our procedures and cleaning practices are in line with FSANZ requirements for gluten free claims when packed on our production line. Furthermore, the production line that packages our spices does not pack any gluten-based products so there is no cross contamination in the production phase. 



no nasties

 Why are Spice & Co Herbs & Spices always so fragrant and fresh?  Spice & Co takes pride in seeing our range of products as FRESH produce. We deliberately run a very tight production inventory by conducting small batch runs every month. This ensures our products spend minimal time being warehoused and a constant turnover across all lines in your local store or from our online store. This translates to the Spice & Co range always being fresh & fragrant!
 How does Spice & Co ensure product safety and ongoing quality of the product range?

Spice & Co have built strong relationships with multiple accredited suppliers/importers over many years to ensure our product specifications of purity, microbial testing and flavour profiles are always met. ALL shipments undertake thorough testing for contaminants, microbiological parameters, chemical residues and flavour characteristics.

Furthermore for each product we purchase we receive a Certificate of Analysis that states what the product is, the country of origin, its ingredient contents, GMP status, allergen status, and chemical, microbial, organoleptic requirements – so a very thorough outline and certification of each product by batch.

Spice & Co products are packed in a (Sydney based / Australian owned) facility that meets all Australian Government standards for Food Safety and Packaging and fully HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) accredited.


Can I recycle your packaging ?

Yes you can ! Our bags can be recycled through REDCycle bins located outside major supermarkets. These are then sent to Replas (, based in Ballarat, Victoria, who convert REDcycle material into a range of recycled products including indoor and outdoor furniture, bollards, and signage. site_logo

Are Spice & Co products irradiated?

 No! A number of herbs & spices that present in the food chain as at risk of spoilage are Steam Sterilised ONLY which presents no public safety risk whatsoever. We do not purchase any herbs or spices that have been subjected to irradiation
What differentiates Spice & Co Spice Mixes/Rubs from many Supermarket Brands?   Because we make them ourselves! The recipes for our spice rubs were developed by Chef & Owner Mike Tafe. Wholesale “generic” spice mixes are readily available from importers and more often than not are simply “rebranded” for sale. Many of these mixes have an (extended) shelf life as they are predominately loaded with salt and sugar as well as being bulked out with cheap fillers such as wheat, cereals and rice flours etc.  Many also contain artificial flavouring enhancers and MSG. Check your labels as often ‘spices’ are last on the ingredient list so the lowest volume!  On the other hand, at Spice & Co we are passionate about all our products. All our products are pure herbs and pure spices.
 Spice & Co and the Community Spice & Co supports a variety of charities and community care organisations. Products with damaged labels or printing imperfections or excess runs are donated Oz Harvest and Aussie Farmers in Australia. We also support Buy a Bale through donations. 



 We also support other personal interest charities such as Juvenile Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy and our local school and community groups with ongoing prize donations and gift baskets.


 How can I find & buy Spice & Co Herbs & Spices?  We are always adding new stores so simply call our 1300 882 382 number or email us on and we will be in touch! Or simply order on-line at a flat $5 postage fee to anywhere in Australia
 How many years have you been used on MasterChef?  

We have a great relationship with the production company behind MasterChef and are proudly used by their fabulous cooks on MasterChef since 2012. Our full range is showcased on MasterChef and can be seen highlighted in great recipes as well and some incredible cooking challenges on the show ! 




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